Brasil, tô dentro! (Brasil, I’m in!) 2nd July 2006

This event with Music, Art and Football will be held at Coin Street, Riverside Walkway, and Bernie Spain Gardens on the South Bank of the river Thames from 13:00 to 19:00. It provides the chance to savour Brasil’s astounding diversity of art forms and cultural expressions. It has been organisied by JungleDrums Magazine and brings top musicians Mocotó, Dinho Nascimento and Eddie from Brasil, as well as local Brasilian performers and bands, art workshops, children activities, and special performances.

Brasil, tô dentro! will feature music from cutting-edge bands and up-and-coming Djs, in both urban and traditional art forms, to the sweet, soul-infused sounds of Forró, with its unique accordion melodies and booming North-eastern beats, and the best of capoeira and samba schools.

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