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December 2007 - none so far this month

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November 2007 - none so far this month

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Kinsale Fringe Jazz Festival 26-29th Oct 2007

Situated in the heart of Kinsale, on the southern coast of Ireland, Muddy Maher’s is a pub with everything, lovely food, great music and buckets full of ambiance. Their helpful staff will make sure you feel right at home, either for a quick pint, or dancing the night away. You can catch the same 3 acts on each consecutive night over the Bank Holiday weekend. This year's line-up includes The Chili Brothers, The Bad News Blues Band, and Gentleman Tim and the Contenders.

Venue: Muddy Maher's, 1 Main Street, Kinsale, Co Cork, Ireland

More Info: or 00353 214774602

Knaphill Music Festival 20-27th Oct 2007

Although this will be the first year of this event, I'm sure that all the local bands and well-run venues will soon turn it into one of the highlights of the regional live music calendar. Bands that have been confirmed so far include Aspex, Casinos, Chips, Egotrick, Flying visit, High Vibe, Vic Gilder, Ruptured rabbit, Six miles away.

Venues: Anchor, Crown Inn, Workingman's Club, Knaphill, Surrey

Admission: tbc

More Info:

Coventry Halloween Festival 19th-31st Oct 2007

Come along and enjoy Halloween in one of the most haunted cities on the planet - Coventry. There will be fun, games and scary delights for all the family with art workshops, origami and balloon modelling with the Paper Wizard, the Rollerblading Witch and Dracula's Fabulous Fiendish Feast, all free of charge. The city has some of the most historic buildings in the country, so its not surprising that there have been plenty of wierd things going on. See some spooky characters, and a host of Halloween treats at the festival Market. There will also be fairground rides, face-painting and ghost walks, please note that charges will apply for these activities.

Venue: Coventry City Centre : Map

More Info:

September 2007 - none so far this month

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Brentford Festival 2nd September 2007

A fantastic event for all the family with stalls, a traditional fun fair, living history displays and live music on several stages. This year's line-up includes Kindred Spirit (Elaine Samuels and, playing violin, Gavin Jones), Luke Hamlyn, Paul Dixon, Vee Nex, Robin Mukherjee, The Targets, Jazz Mondays. Please bring your own tables and chairs.

Venue: Boston Manor Park, Brentford, London

Admission: Free (subject to availability), Noon to 5:30pm

More Info:

Notting Hill Carnival 26-27th August 2007

For many of the eager, carniival-virgins who packed the streets of London last weekend to celebrate this year’s event in Notting Hill, the experience surely lived up to its reputation for being a multicultural hotchpotch of celebration and excitement. With the theme “Set All Free” commemorating the abolition of the slave trade 200 years ago, the occasion attracted new comers and veterans from all walks of life. For me, also heading into the blur for the first time, the experience was exhilarating, if not slightly unnerving.
aaThe event, which has been held every August Bank Holiday since 1966, is the world's second largest street party, after the Rio Carnival in Brazil. Drenched in colour, music and some much needed sunshine, the London district watched on as over 1.5 million revellers marched from Ladbroke Grove to Westbourne Park. They were following elaborate floats and wildly orchestrated processions. Barbecued aromas of jerk chicken and feijoada, a Brazilian meat and bean stew, mixed with the crunching and cracking of empty beer cups underfoot as massive sound systems provided beats from Hip Hop to progressive Techno. The Drum‘n'Bass stages were keen to encourage passers by to take the stand to deliver aggressive yet impressive MC performances, and children as young as 3 were cheered as they danced furiously on stage. As a brief taster of the type of gastronomic dimensions involved in the weekend, reports estimate that the crowds consumed in total:
30,000 corn on the cobs : 15,000 deep-fried plantains : 1 tonne of rice and peas
1 tonne of Jamaican patties : 2,000 mangoes : 16,000 coconuts :
5 million hot and cold drinks
10,000 litres of Jamaican stout : 25,000 bottles of rum : 70,000 litres of carrot juice
aaThe carnival has had an unfortunate degree of bad publicity in the past, for its procreation of crime, including pick-pocketing, assault and, in the worst cases, fatal shootings and stabbings. In the last few year's there has be a marked improvement, a refreshing change to the previous negativity, with only 213 carnival-related arrests being made over the two days. Despite the fact that over 400 ecstasy tablets and 100 wraps of cocaine we confiscated by officers working a collective 11,000 shifts, such figures mark a notable decline against previous years.
aaPolice intelligence and security clearly excelled themselves. I myself saw no serious violent incidents, although there were several times when large gangs of about 20 predominantly males of afro-caribean origin, rampaged through the crowds throwing bottles and pushing people aside. On speaking to a local carnival-goer, I learned this kind of sight was perfectly normal. The only slightly daunting thing were the presence of the policemen on horseback.
aaDisorders and disturbances aside though, the carnival generated close to £100 million from corporate investment, sponsorship and tourist activity, giving a terrific boost to London’s economy. As well as such perceivable mercenary benefits reaped, one cannot help but admire what the event adds to the certain "je ne sei quoi" of London life. As Professor Chris Mullard, chairman of Notting Hill Carnival Board Ltd observed, the carnival “is an expression of identity but also of belonging, culturally enriching to the rest of British society.”
aaIt was so cool the way the carnival mounlded itself around Notting Hill itself - people were leaning over the wall of their gardens to watch the procession, which had been fenced off by 6 foot wooden boards to act as protection. Other more entrepeneurial residents were selling beer and corn on the cob on their doorsteps. Where else in Western Hemisphere can you jam pack nearly 2 million global party fans into an area the size of 150 football pitches, and watch as racism, wealth inequity and class wars dissolve to the sound of steel drums and clapping hands?
aaIt was just the sheer weight of people moving through the streets. It was impossible to do more than just shuffle from street to street, turning your neck to see the big floats passing by. Because everyones wearing such flamboyant clothing and colourful costumes its hard to stick together if youre in a group, so either you tie a line of red string around each others wrists or resort to dropping breadcrumbs behind you lest you get lost straight away! For a more personal touch, I was impressed at how the carnival appealed to people, as I first said, from all walks of life.
aaSunday was the family day, so there were a lot more children. But even on the monday, watching a knee high sized kid stomping around to drum n bass was really cool as undercut the cliche that the only people that listen to that kind of music are either taking drugs or in a dingy rave in a warehouse somewhere. Seeing it live on a sunny afternoon with everyone there seemed to just create a really nice friendly atmophere, despite the deafening noise and jabbing elbows. I would certainly return to the Carnival in 2009, and avidly urge other individuals to do the same.

Chase Rocks - Marlborough Head 25-26 August 2007

This is a charity event to raise money for the Chase children's Hospice in Godalming. This year's line-up includes Rodney Branigan, Broded Stils, Lemon Pie, Manti, The Monos, Off The Record, Purple Zeppelins, Rhys & Eddie, Second time around, Solid Juice, Suki's Wish, Uncharted Territory.

Venue: Marlborough Head, Farnham, Surrey : Map

Admission: Free (subjust to availability), but please help fill the buckets.

For more info:

Chase Rocks at the Exchange 29th July 2007

This is a charity event to raise money for the Chase children's Hospice in Godalming. This year's line-up includes Im'n'Im, Rhys Morgan and guests, Blimus, 2nd time around, Broded Stills, Off the Record, Dave and Im'n'Im, Henry from Sukis Wish, Uncharted Territory.

Photos: See pictures from this event

Venue: The Exchange Hotel, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 8AD : Map

Admission: Free (subjust to availability)

For more info:

Diaspora London Music Village 28-29th July 2007

This will be the 23rd event to focus exclusively on London's glittering spectrum of world musicians.
This year's line-up features over 80 London-based performers (20 groups and soloists) including those of African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and East European descent. They are all members of London: Diaspora Capital, an ever expanding network of artists run by Cultural Co-operation. The event offers a unique insight into many different world cultures and the results of cross-fertilisation over hundreds of years. Artists scheduled to perform include Yusuf Mahmoud Ensemble (Afghanistan), Athena (Greece), Ameer Khan (Pakistan), London Jing Kun Opera (China), Nizar al Issa and Al Zaytouna Dabke Troupe (Palestine), Errol Linton Blues Vibe (UK/Jamaica), Fuerza Vallenata (Colombia), Los Desterrados (Jewish), Conjunto Sabroso (Colombia), Waeil (Egypt), Lokito ya Congo (Congo), Ethio Traditional Band (Ethiopia), Balkanatics (Balkans/Turkey), Kasai Masai (Congo).

(please note that this is only a provisional line-up, ans so will be subject to change)

Venue: Hyde Park, London

Admission: Free (subject to availability), arrive early to avoid disapointment

More Info:

Tin Pan Alley Festival 15th July 2007

This all-day free Indie Rockl festival takes place in Denmark Street, London. Denmark Street (also known as Tin Pan Alley) is seeped in musical history and could be considered the epicentre of the UK capital’s musical community. The festival was set up to promote up-and-coming musicians and also raise awareness for Shelter's Million Children Campaign.

For more info: